5 tips to succeed with your videos on Instagram

To optimally manage your Instagram account, you must publish diverse, constant and innovative content. Do not stop at the typical photos of the tour or the covers of your records. Remember that most of the content that captures viewers is now on video. Instagram allows you to upload this type of content, but before you start, it is important that you analyze the situation so that you do it like a professional. So we share 5 tips to succeed with your videos on Instagram:


Define your goals. Before starting to post videos on Instagram, ask yourself the following question: what do you want to achieve by uploading videos to this platform? Answering this question will allow you to give direction to your publications, and it will be much easier for the flow of ideas to be constant and productive.


Be clear what types of videos fit you. They must be consistent with what you do on YouTube, and above all, to stand out, you have to be creative. Sometimes it’s okay to try new things or post unique content, but consistency and definition are the foundation of your posts


Take care of your appearance on Instagram. It is a social network where people highly value quality and aesthetically powerful content. Always upload high-resolution images, with the correct proportion and taking care that the graphics are not cut. If you don’t know how to solve that, ask someone skilled to help. It does not necessarily have to be a professional; surely, you have friends who publish professional-quality content. Ask them to explain how to do it. Don’t upload anything


Make specific videos for Instagram. If you really want to succeed on social networks, you must work the strategy globally but upload different content to each platform. Instagram is a perfect place to compliment your YouTube video.


Harness the power of hashtags. They will help people discover you, so search and explore trends and try to use them in your videos as long as they are relevant. Use only those necessary to make an impact; if you use too many, you can appear as spam or go unnoticed among your audience.

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